Reflective lanyards
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The highly visible lanyards have a gray material that reflect light from a distance or in close range to be seen in the dark or during poor weather conditions. Great length of 36" Circumference to fit most sizes and a safety break away clasp to avoid neck injury in case of being pulled or snagged. Color coordinate to match your uniform, vest or outfit. Attached swivel metal hook for a secure hold of keys, identification badge, key card, whistle or other small tools that are readily accessible and convenient to have handy. Great for cross guard for morning school assistance with safely getting kids across the street or coach wearing a whistle and needing to assert direction, night time concert or festival to hang VIP ticket, police, security, airport ramp agent, bag thrower, lift operator or any profession working in low light conditions. Also great for night time neighborhood walks, dog walking or for theme park adventures. It's always a good idea to add extra safety measures when possible.


Item Reflective Lanyards
Function 1.Hand them out at events and trade shows to attract new business.
2.Clip on a name tag  and use them to clearly distinguish employees,representatives or volunteers.
3.Identify school children while doing off-campus activities.
4.Identify team members while at games or events.
5. They're perfect for holding keys, pens, whistles and more while keeping your hands free.
6.Increase brand recognition at events and trade shows. Imprint both your,Custom Printed your logo on the Lanyards and accompanying name tag/badge with your logo and you'll get double the advertising power!
Logo style  Silkscreen printing.
Size 2.0*90CM ,2.5*90CM .
Thickness Normal 0.65mm 
Accessories Id card holder,plastic buckle,metal hook and safety break-away buckle can be choose

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